Mikropigmentacjia skóry głowy

Training and Equipment


The mission of our company is to promote a subtle make-up emphasizing facial beauty. We carry out our mission by providing training to teach how to make permanent makeup so gently, so that it doesn't draw too much attention, to make the face look brighter and clearer, to make make-up a showcase that will build a strong position on the market.

We conduct practical learning only on models. Make-up is done at 100 percent by the Students and every aspect of performing the procedure is discussed during work in the smallest details.

We provide courses for beginners as well as refresher workshops, where you work with instructors and perfect your skills. Workshops enable you to improve techniques learned, correct errors and solve problems in the field of makeup practice.

Our training is based on the author's formula guaranteeing success. What sets our courses apart is the attention to detail - we work in groups; one can say that the training is conducted in an individual formula because every student has the trainer to help. We work in pairs - for example during training for 8 persons 4 trainers take care about Students' and models' safety and the quality of knowledge transfer.

We can already boast of hundreds of satisfied Students. This group is constantly expanding. What is the biggest success for us is the fact that our Students are returning to us for more knowledge at the refresher workshops.

After completing the training, we take care of our Students by helping them in solving practical problems in the work with   needle. We have created a special support group on Facebook where we help each other and discuss various aspects of working in a linergist profession.


Micropigmentation requires extraordinary precision of hands as well as devices. Therefore, we believe that the most important investment should be the training, which will suitably prepare students for pigmentation. In addition to this, the highest quality equipment will be used to ensure that the treatment is performed at the optimum level.

Although we are a company that focuses very heavily on training, you are not required to purchase our device. However, we would like to point out that not all devices are suitable for proper pigmentation.

We tend to favour German quality and precision based on a single acupuncture needle. Single needle work is the least damaging to the skin and gives you the best results in the shortest possible time. The devices also work in a cartridge system.

The pigments we offer are of the highest quality, very efficient. They provide a comfortable working environment and natural and vivid colors. Pigment composition also provides a body-friendly action and provides complete control over the treatment and its consequences.

We offer devices specifically designed for the pigmentation (which are aimed at the most high profile practices) as well as a high quality Q Switch Laser which can remove previously unsuccessful or unsatisfactory pigmentation treatments.